After the fall, Jim suffers from brain damage. The personalities amid him conflict; and he finds himself burrowing into the character of Richard Brook. Sebastian Moran, loyal as ever, swears to continue to protect the man - but slowly starts to lose his patience when he realises his boss might have disappeared forever. It becomes evident, however, that this isn’t the case. ‘Jim’ is still there. And with him, his memories. 


Anonymous asked:

Sherlock and Jim go swimming. Sherly wears hideous purple swimming trunks and matching goggles. Jim almost drowns because he's laughing so hard. Also: Jim likes water slides.

jimswestwood answered:


  • the purple of the swimming trunks matches the purple of That Shirt. Sherlock thought Jim appreciated the color rather than the fact that it is so tight fitting he did not have to construct much with his imagination when he thought of doing the nasty with Sherlock c; 
  • so yeah. omfg. Jim would laugh so hard his tummy would start to seriously hurt and it would be v hard to stay afloat. 
  • Just let the thought of Jim asking Sherlock to take him to a water park sink in. Isn’t it beautiful?
  • Sherlock drives there with the biggest pout ever imagining there will be thousands of screaming children but really Jim booked the entire park and asks Sherlock to push him down the slides and he giggles and goes ‘weeee c:’ with every single one lolol
  • Can there be rubber duckies at some point??????